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A People's Agency & Marketing Consultancy dedicated to helping luxury fashion & lifestyle brands do better business.


Developing customized digital marketing campaigns focusing on awareness, acquisition, and lead nurturing.


Helping your brand strengthen share of voice through storytelling and quality content to connect with your audience and reiterate the brand promise.


Bringing out the best in your brand by developing a strong narrative and highlighting the brand value.


Includes full SEO Audit with white-hat SEO tactics and suggestions to help your brand increase SERP and brand visibility. Provide keyword research, implement and monitor brand awareness and acquisition campaigns.


Transforming the mindsets of top-level management with a people's approach that transcends into company-wide philosophy.


Developing the best social media practices for your brand including approach, messaging, platform utilization and social advertising.


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About CNW Digital

Welcome to CNW Digital, a people’s agency and digital marketing consultancy, dedicated to helping high-end fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands do better business. With a unique people-centric philosophy, CNW Digital helps brands shape interactions with their customers and deliver value to the people it matters to most. Owned by marketing aficionado, Clarissa Wright, who has worked for luxury brands like RAYMOND WEIL, SCHAI, and White/Space Jewelry to name a few, has developed a wide range of clientele in various industries from beauty and fashion to healthcare and music. From marketing and branding advice to growth strategy and customer experience, CNW Digital is here to help you become a better marketer, get new customers, and build brand loyalty. Ready to get started? Book your growth strategy session today.

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What People Are Saying
Jessica Barouche, Founder, OuiPlease
It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Clarissa. She is just brilliant!
Suk Chai, Founder, SCHAI
Artist vision meets the mind of a business executive.
Yuliya Suleymanova, Founder, SULÉY Group
Clarissa is a star at what she does.
Sydney Mintle, Owner & Fashion Publicist, Gossip & Glamour PR
She's the kind of person who can take on a large project or task and get it done regardless of any obstacles that may come up along the way.
Alexis Sargent, Co-Founder, GRLS Studio
Clarissa is a dream to work with. There aren't many like her.
Christi Sandvik, Owner, kris&kate.com
Clarissa is a phenomenal marketer.
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