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Clarissa Wright

Clarissa N Wright

Marketer, Creative, Entrepreneur, Wife

Hi, I’m Clarissa, Founder of CNW Digital. I’m a digital marketer by day, music manager by night, wife 7 days a week, and mover & shaker 24/7. But really I’m a people’s specialist because I’m in the business of people, nothing more, nothing less. I help people connect with other people in a meaningful and efficient way across all touchpoints. After 7+ years of working in the luxury fashion space, I realized how many brands treated their customers and their employees as dollar signs instead of people and focused on selling products instead of delivering value. That’s when I knew something had to change. Thus, CNW Digital was created and became dedicated to helping high-end fashion and beauty brands transform the way they do business with people. My job is to help brands deliver value to the people it matters to most. If you want to learn more and are ready to take that next step, let’s chat! With an open mind and the right strategy, the sky is the limit. Book your free customer growth strategy session here.

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Working together to ensure your big ideas can stand out in the pack.


Assuring those big ideas are told an impactful way and deliver added value to the ones who matter most: the customer.


Helping you put those new tools and insights to good use in an actionable, measurable way.

What People Are Saying

Suk Chai, Owner & Designer, SCHAI
She understands your vision and knows how to provide you with the right resources.
Sydney Mintle, Founder, Gossip & Glamour PR
I highly recommend her work and look forward to working with her again soon!
Melissa Middleton, Founder, JNSQ Magazine
Clarissa is a rock star and the most ambitious young woman I know.
Yuliya Suleymanova, Founder, SULÉY Group
She is the most reliable professional I've worked with.
Tom Saggiomo , President & CEO, DG3 / Adjunct Professor, NYU
Her drive for achievement along with her ability to connect with others makes for a winning combination.

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