Does SMS Automation Really Work?

Does SMS Automation Really Work?

Is SMS / MMS automation really worth all the hype?

The short answer: yes.

Now for the long explanation.

Here’s why you should be using SMS / MMS text message automation:

  • Higher open rates > as high as 98% 
  • Better response rate > 45% of people respond to branded SMS marketing messages
  • The upper hand against competition > 61% of marketers still aren’t utilizing this acquisition channel
  • Enhances the customer journey > it’s inclusive: customers get real-time updates on delivery status & exclusive promo codes which makes them feel special and appreciated
  • Low marketing costs that yield great returns on marketing spend (ROMI)

But, don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself just what SMS/ MMS automation was able to do for our clients in less than 30 days…

Revenue generated from SMS / MMS text message automation in the last 30 days

Now you can see $1,591.87 was generated with 607 new subscribers.

Postscript SMS text automation CNW Digital


Revenue generated from text message automation in the last 7 days

That’s 12 orders with an average order value (AOV) of $59.

Postscript Text Message automation CNW Digital

Here are some examples of SMS / MMS text message automation we put in place for our clients. For client confidentiality, we’ve excluded the names of each brand.

Customer Winback

SMS MMS text message automation CNW Digital Marketing Blog

Delivery Updates

SMS text message automation CNW Digital Marketing Blog


Cart abandonment

Ignore “Jonathan” this is a placeholder provided by Postscript 

SMS Text Message automation CNW Digital Marketing Blog


Customer Service

This scenario is two-fold. Not only does it allow a chance to explain yourself and provide superior customer service, but it also presents new opportunities and may suggest areas of improvement needed that you had not realized prior to.

  • On another note, this “friendly reminder” was the first campaign that went out and converted $432 USD. Not too bad for $75 / month I would say, consider that is a 475% ROI just in month 1.

SMS text message automation CNW Digital Marketing Blog

Things to consider when setting up automations

  1. I’ve said this before, I’ve said it again: personalization, personalization, personalization. Okay, good I’m sure you get the point now. Use the First name when applicable and provide curated suggestions based on customers’ past purchase and browse history.
  2. Cater your message based on your audience > notice in the automations above the differences between them. This is done on purpose and is based on the psychographic behavior and preferences of my clients’ customers. One approach is more formal but inviting. The other approach is more conversational and informal with slang and trendy verbiage relevant to the subscribers being communicated to.
  3. Don’t overdo it. It is important to be strategic about your messaging frequency. And make sure there are filters in place to ensure a customer doesn’t receive another message too soon.

Recommended Applications

  • For Shopify users: Postscript *my preferred choice* Estimated cost: $50/month and up
  • For WooCommerce users: Simple Texting. Estimated cost: $50 / month and up

So there you have it – yes, text message automation is worth all the hype. For $50 (the monthly cost of the platform) one client generated $1591 in revenue, while another spent $75 / month and the first campaign generated $432 USD. So if you’re one of those companies that have to measure ROI, ROMI, ROAS on everything, then the proof here is in the data. Data doesn’t lie folks. When 92% of U.S. adults carry a text-enabled phone, but only 14% of companies are actually texting with their customers, then now more than ever is the time for you to get onboard and beat them to the punch. Quick tip: add the number to text in the description of all your bios – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Messenger automations (i.e. Text hello to 555888 to learn more or text brand to 555888 for 20% off your first order). That way it’s being seen across all touchpoints. Remember, people love coupon codes, don’t be afraid to incentivize for engagement.

That’s it for now! Until next time


Founder, CNW Digital



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